MCB is a fast, simple and cost-effective application to help you maximise Gift Aid revenue from doorstep collections, in-store donations, in your warehouse and at your events.

The 3 easy to use applications are:


Capture Gift Aid declarations on the doorstep quickly and easily and get rid of paper forms. Photograph and record donated stock upon collection to reduce ‘in-transit’ shrinkage.*



Manage in-store Gift Aid and warehouse stock inventory. Link supporters to goods given, sales made and Gift Aid raised.



Make Gift Aid collections whilst your team are out and about. Whether it’s goods given or cash donated, capture Gift Aid declarations at all of your fundraising events.


* MCB and Connected Van is part of the Charityfleetcare Alliance – with Gone for Good, TomTom, VEhub, UK Fuels, Renault, UKChanges, The Driving Doctor and FMG – for complete management of your collection fleet and Gift Aid funded vehicles.

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Developed in response to a charity customer requirement, the easy to use MCB.Mobile App enables your drivers to obtain Gift Aid sign-ups when they visit supporters to collect donations.

Our client, a major national charity, explained that whilst their in-store Gift Aid sign-up rate is around 25%, that figure is less than 1% for items collected from supporters at home.

That’s a lot of lost revenue.

MCB.Mobile is the perfect solution. Armed with a smartphone, a tablet or the TomTom unit from their Connected Van, the driver simply does a rapid address search when they arrive to collect the goods and then asks the donor to sign the declaration with their finger. In less than a minute the process is complete and the value of that item when sold by your charity has increased by 25%.

The MCB process overview

Gift Aid sign-up rates increase due to reduced hassle for the driver and the minimal time it takes for the donor to complete the declaration. Sign up then becomes an easy and consistent ‘ask’.

Back at the store or warehouse, the same inventory and stock management tools behind MCB.Retail ensure that goods are logged, linked to donors and sorted for the most appropriate outlet or channel.

MCB.Mobile is available to license as a standalone tool on any Android device, or as part of the Connected Van offer from the Charityfleetcare Alliance.

  • Increase Gift Aid sign-ups on collected donations
  • Reduce time and hassle by removing paper forms
  • Donors are familiar with process of signing for goods on their doorstep
  • Photograph donations to reduce ‘in-transit losses’
  • Use inventory database for stock control at store and in warehouse
  • Improve efficiency of collections with Connected Van - improved routes and fuel efficiency
  • Manage all aspects of your fleet through one platform
  • Increased Gift Aid sign ups can help to fund or even fully fund a brand new vehicle on a three-year lease.

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The Connected Van brings together a range of services, including Satellite Navigation and Route Selection from TomTom, competitive vehicle leasing from Charityfleetcare, Incident Management from FMG, data management and visualisation from UKChanges, Fuel Cards from UK Fuels and Vehicle Management and Reporting tools from VEhub. With all services driven by the TomTom hardware and coupled with a really cost effective lease agreement, this package can be totally self-funded with even a modest increase in Gift Aid sign-ups at the point of collection.


Get on top of your Gift Aid claims today. MCB.Retail will take the stress (and paperwork) out of in-store Gift Aid sign-ups, stock management and post-sale claims.

Designed for fast in-store sign-ups with minimal disruption to your donor’s schedule, MCB.Retail runs efficiently on a smartphone or tablet and takes only a few moments to capture an HMRC compliant Gift Aid declaration.

Collecting supporters’ details and contact permissions when they drop-off donated goods at your stores means you can easily link individuals to the gifts they have given. This ensures that the funds these goods raise and the relevant HMRC tax identification are linked, so that the extra 25p additional funding for every £1 you make selling Gift Aided donated goods can be claimed easily.

The MCB.Retail process overview

Manage stock in store, at your warehouse and in your e-bay shop, using photographs and relevant descriptions of your inventory via the stock database behind MCB.Retail.

Increase Gift Aid sign-up and returns. Improving the efficiency of your Gift Aid processes will help to get your claims processed faster.

  • Easy to set-up, configure and use
  • Fast in-store data capture with rapid address look-up from UKChanges
  • Secure data transfer via Wi-Fi or mobile connection
  • Recognise regular and returning supporters
  • Accurately link donors to goods and monies raised
  • Increase Gift Aid sign-ups and value of claims
  • Access detailed analytics dashboards on a national, regional or store-by-store basis
  • Integrated email and data hosting for Gift Aid ‘thanks’ campaigns
  • Data pushed back to central donor database
  • Low-cost, stand-alone Android technology – no need for technical support, EPOS integration or cabling

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Did you know that HMRC states that correctly submitted Gift Aid claims can be processed and paid within just 5 weeks?

MCB can help ensure you maximise your Gift Aided contributions by submitting donor data and Gift Aid reclaim statements accurately and quickly to HMRC, so you get paid promptly.


Never miss another opportunity to collect Gift Aided donations or supporters’ details.

Whether it’s a bring-and-buy sale, a fun-run, on-street fundraising in the local town centre or a nationwide day of co-ordinated activities – whatever the location, if there’s a mobile data signal and a member of your team with MCB.Event on their device, you can collect HMRC compliant Gift Aid declarations.

It really couldn’t get any simpler.

We believe this is the first truly mobile Gift Aid capture tool in the market. It opens up a huge raft of opportunities for fundraisers to increase Gift Aid sign-ups and the revenue performance of their events.

As with all of the flavours of MCB, the process to gain a sign-up is quick and easy. Using the rapid address search tool from UKChanges, the gifter is simply asked for their name, postcode and house number. Once the correct address is selected the supporter signs the declaration with a finger and the value of their donation is increased by 25%.

The MCB.Event process overview

You can also take this opportunity to capture additional contact information, such as a mobile number and email address, as well as make a request for an “opt in” permission to keep the supporter up to date with the latest developments at your organisation.

MCB.Event is supported by a suite of data hosting, segmentation, visualisation and reporting tools from UKChanges, as well as the integrated email send service, so your Comms team can build supporting contact strategies specifically for Event Gift Aid sign-ups.

  • Accept Gift Aid sign-ups at all of your indoor and outdoor events
  • Uses 3/4G and wireless connectivity
  • Increase the opportunities to raise further funds
  • Minimise disruption of the supporter’s plans
  • Reduce stop-time for on-street fundraisers
  • Sign-up committed individuals who are actively supporting your cause at events
  • Make timely requests for channel contact permissions
  • Understand where people signed-up to optimise messages
  • Feed sign-up, comms and response data back to your central supporter database
  • Grow your supporter base

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How MCB Works

What is gift aid

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  • The 3 flavours of MCB aim to help increase the value of Gift Aid revenues by making the request and declaration process quick, secure, painless and fully HMRC compliant.
  • By reducing the time and inconvenience barriers of in-store, door-step and event-associated Gift Aid sign-ups, MCB will become a key tool in the not-for-profit fundraiser’s kit.
  • All you need to use any of the MCB products is an Android tablet and a Wi-Fi or 3/4G connection.
  • A standalone label printer is a useful addition for in-store applications – but not essential.
  • Use of the Android platform ensures that the App can be used with a range of cost-effective devices, further reducing the financial burden of implementation, especially when compared to till and EPOS-based services.
  • The MCB App employs the UKChanges Rapid Address tool to perform real-time searches against the PAF database, searching for the donor’s home address from an input postcode.
  • At the moment of Gift Aid declaration, data is quickly passed between the App and servers at UKChanges using secure, encrypted transfers.
  • No donor data is stored on the device, as records are updated in real-time on the secure hosted database.
  • Stock can be monitored centrally or by the store team, with metrics such as type, volume and value of goods, Gift Aid reclaimed and quiet / busy periods also reviewable through live dashboards.
  • The Charity can further compare stores, areas, gift types and values, drilling down from top-line statistics to more detailed data within the interactive graphs and charts.
  • Full Management control allows central teams and store managers to determine levels of access within the App.
  • The Retail and Marketing teams can also use the data dashboards, visualisations and data interrogation tools to build segments and create selections for communication campaigns – using the integrated e-marketing service or outputting files for print production, calling teams, etc.

Gift Aid adds an extra 25p to every £1 an individual donates. So if someone donates £10.00 to a charity the organisation will receive an extra £2.50 – at NO EXTRA COST to the supporter. This extra ‘free’ donation also applies to any items people donate for resale – through charity shops for example. So if a supporter donates a CD that sells for £1.00 the charity gets this £1.00 plus an extra 25 pence from the Government. It’s that simple.

How does Gift Aid work?

Easily: all donors need to do is fill out a Gift Aid Declaration form. This is a statement from the individual to the charity confirming that they want to donate through Gift Aid and allow the organisation to reclaim tax back on any donation given.

Are you eligible for Gift Aid?

For a charity to claim Gift Aid on an individual’s donation that person must first have paid UK Income or Capital Gains Tax in that financial year. Note that the tax the individual pays must be more than the amount of Gift Aid that the charity will reclaim on their donation that tax year (this amount must also cover Gift Aid claims by other charities and Community Amateur Sports Clubs {CASC} that the individual supports). VAT and Council Tax do not meet this criteria.

Extra Tax detail

From April 2015: the income tax personal allowance has increased to £10,600 for individuals born after 5 April 1948. So, if a supporter’s income is below £10,600, you will no longer be able to claim Gift Aid on eligible donations. Also, it’s worth noting, individuals cannot make donations on behalf of someone else or a company.

What if the donor pays higher
rate tax?

Higher rate taxpayers can claim additional tax benefits for the donations they make to charity, which they can keep or pass on to a charitable organisation of their choice. The individual simply indicates how much they have donated when completing their tax self-assessment form.

The Rules for Charities

Gift Aid is an income tax relief designed to benefit charities and CASCs. The charity can claim Gift Aid online and receive payment within 5 weeks. The following are the key facts that the charity must follow to be able to reclaim the basic rate of tax on an individual’s gift: The charity must be registered as a charity with the Charity Commission. The donating individual must fill out a Gift Aid Declaration form.

MCB is a UKChanges product.

UKChanges are data management specialists, providing a range of services from data cleansing, suppression and enhancement through to analysis, segmentation and campaign management across the spectrum of channels.

We have worked with Charities of all sizes for more than 25 years, helping them to maximise the value of their donor data and build long-lasting relationships with their supporters.

In addition to an established bureau, our services are delivered through a variety of technologies, including UKChanges>online, a market leading online data management platform, as well as the UKChanges API and bespoke software development projects. We are also an Apteco FastStats partner, providing both Discoverer and PeopleStage implementations.

If you would like to know more about MCB or want to arrange a free consultation and evaluation, get in touch and we will set the ball rolling.

You can call us on 01926 626300 or email Iain Macpherson directly at

Alternatively, contact us with any queries or comments using this form:

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